Our Mission

Our mission is to cosmetically upgrade your boat, creating a durable and comfortable surface for your boating experience.

Our Approach

Deep Water Custom provides the industry’s best non-slip boat flooring material to commercial and recreational boat owners, as well as manufacturers.  Our product is designed to add style and comfort to your boat while offering a durable, non-slip surface for all your boating needs.

Who We Are

Deep Water Customs was founded by Leonel Payan.

Deep Water Customs works directly with boat owners to measure, customize the material, and properly install the product as well as boat manufacturers, OEM partnerships.

Deep Water Customs provides unmatched customer service for Manufacturer | OEM applications. Working directly with OEM clients to customize pads for each of their models. We are known to provide a very hands-on approach to managing your account so that you can deliver your product on time to your clients.

Deep Water Customs works with all from start to finish, making sure the execution is precise, simple, and time-efficient! We are known for our timing as well as the precision of installation. Each project is specific to our client’s needs.